Appointment setting is what we do best. We are incredibly passionate about helping your business grow through providing dedicated appointment setting services.

10x Growth Is Yours For The Taking

Nothing beats a phone call! How could your business benefit from engaging in activities that bring 10x growth? At the LA Call Center, we want to show you the true power of outbound appointment setting. Over 90% of companies on the Forbes Fortune 1000 list engage in some form of outbound telemarketing. 

Our philosophy at the LA Call Center is centered around the belief that the delegation of tasks is the quickest way to achieve success. Over the years, we have discovered that working with a reputable outbound appointment setting service is the fastest, and most affordable way to grow your business.

Lean Startup Method

Companies looking to deploy the lean startup method find that our outbound appointment setting services fit perfectly in their business model. With the LA Call Center, you can quickly begin hearing critical feedback from your customers. Hit the ground running and get your business the essential information you need to pivot in the right direction.

Established Businesses

The search for untouched customer channels is a constant struggle. Small, medium, and enterprise level businesses are constantly looking to discover new revenue streams. We have the capacity to begin reaching out to your customer base immediately. If you are looking for a way to expand your operation, contact us today.

Coaches & Consultants

Over the years, we have provided appointment setting services to many coaches & consultants all around the nation. Whether you are looking to bundle our services with your offerings to increase the value behind your B2B consultancy or utilize our appointment setting service to attract new clients, we want to hear from you.
What kind of success rate can we expect from an appointment setting campaign?
The industry average for B2B appointment setting campaigns is in between 2% and 3%. At the LA Call Center, our appointment setting services have a 3.65% success rate. You may be asking, how do you achieve results higher than the industry average. The answer to that question is simple. We dedicate time to analyzing your industry, business, and custom tailor our approach to your specific objectives.
What is the capacity of your call center?
Our call center has 37 stations ready to go at any moment. We follow a process where upon reaching 80% of our stations occupied. we add on new agent stations. In the event that you need more agents than seats available in our call center, no worries. We will simply add new stations into the office.
How does your pricing work?
Our pricing is simple and straightforward. We charge a rate of $265 per agent, per week. The monthly rate is $1000 per agent, per week. The cost includes call recording, unlimited minutes, a predictive dialer, script creation, agent training, and complete campaign management. We will manage the entire process for A to Z.
How long will it take for my campaign to begin?
Your campaign will begin 7 days after making payment. We need 7 days to efficiently analyze your industry, understand your business, train your agents, and set up your campaign. After 7 days, your campaign will begin, and not a second later.
  • Percentage of Forbes fortune 1000 companies that utilize outbound telemarketing 90% 90%
  • What Percentaage of appointments can your agents set out of 250 calls? 3.65% 3.65%
  • What percentage of B2B companies utilize outbound appointment setting services? 75% 75%
  • How much more-effective is appointment setting than running social media ads campaigns 82% 82%
  • What perentage of your customers are repeat customers? 99% 99%


Of all custoemr interations first happen over the phone!

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