Outbound Appointment Setting Services

How could your business benefit from a steady stream of 20-30 new prospects per week? The Los Angeles Call Center is perfectly poised to deliver powerful appointment setting services for your business.

$265 Per Week, Per Agent

That’s Right! Only $265 per week per agent for you appointment setting campaign. That includes unlimited minutes, our predictive dialer, all equipment, training, and a professional scripting service.

Lead Generation

Use our agents to generate a steady stream of leads for your company. We have an amazing 3.65% success ratio on appointment setting campaigns.

Free Script Generation

Our profesisonal management team will create a winning script for our agent to use during you appointment setting campaing. If you already have a script you want us to use, no problem.

Unlimited Minutes

When you work with the LA Call Center, you pay a flat rate for everything. We dont charge you for minutes, or for call time.

Powerful Predictive Dialer

Our predictive dialer makes sure that your agents spend more time on calls, and less time waiting. We pledge that our agents can make up to 250 calls per hour.

Call Recording

Have the power to listen to all the calls made by our agents. Every call wil lbe recorded for your to review for quality assurance.

Training & Incentives

We offer every agent extensive trianing & incentives before they begin your campaing. This ensures that our agents have the highest chance of success to generate leads for you.

Our Main Customers

The following chart on the right represents the importance of cold calling in the following industries. While there are many more industries that stand to benefit from ourbound appointment setting services from a call center, the following companies represent our main cusotmers. If you are wondering how cold calling services can fit into your business, give us a call today.

  • Home Improvement
  • Consultants
  • Real Estate
  • Software As A Service

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Through our years of experience, we have developed a system that works. Working with an experienced BPO like The Los Angeles Call Center will help you leverage insights from industry professionals. How much is one customer worth to you? If we could bring you a flow of 20-30 new customer per week at $265 per week, would that make sense?


At the LA Call Center, we concentrate on ROI. If our services arent bringing in a return on your investment, then simply drop us. Our outbound appointment setting service comes with no contracts, no obligations and no long term commitments. We are so confident that you will continue working with us that we offer the option of a weekly plan. At $265 per week, per agent, you cant afford not to hire us!

Answers to Your Questions

What is an Outbound Appointment Setting Service?

An outbound appointment setting service is a service where telemarketers place calls to unqualified leads to et appointments for your account executives or business development team to close the deal.

Can I Just Try It Our for 1 Week?

Absolutley. We encourange new customers to simply try us out for 1 Week. If you arent satisfied, then you are under no obligation to continue. However, we are so confident in our outbound appointmet setting services, that we are sure you will come back.

How Many Hours Will Your Agents Work In 1 Week?

A one Week payment will secure you one agent who works 5 hours a day, 5 days per week. You can choose the days and the hours you want your agent to work.

How Many Call Can 1 Agent Make In a 5 Hour Shift?

Our agents typially make over 250 calls in a 5 hours shift. This means that at a 1% success ratio, you can expect a minimum of 2 solid appointments. However, our agents typically hit a 3.65% success ratio

Do you create the script for your agents?

Yes, our mamagement team has the nessecary expereince to create a script for your campaing. If you already have a script you would like us to use, perfect. Simply send us the script and we will trian our agents on your script.

Do I Pay You Upfront Or After The Campaign?

100% of the payment is due upfront. After we recieve your successful payment, we will get started in training your agents, creating your scripts, setting up your campaing, and analyzing your industry. We conduct deep research to into your industry to maximize the chances for success.

Let's Work Together!

Now that you know how we can help your business scale, what are you waiting for? Our agents are ready and waiting to help you increase your revenue now.